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Here are a some of the Blog posts taken directly from Matthew's Wordpress Blog. All these post were written and researched by Matthew and are completely original

First Blog Post

My Surf Experiences and the School Surf Club

As I may or may not have informed you my school has this year set up a surf club. This club has been on 3 outings so far. I think it is great that the school has set up a surf club as the there should be extra curricular activities that interest all students, not just GAA and soccer which is basically your only option for a hobby if you live around here. Luckily enough I was introduced to surfing and I would rather be surfing any day than going to a football game with the school with a small chance that I might get on the pitch as a substitute for 5 minutes, if I'm really lucky that day. Last year I missed too much good surfing last year to go to matches in which I only got playing for around 10 minutes. So this year I have decided to focus on surfing.

On all 3 of the surf trips the school have gone to the same break and all 3 days have had decent swell to surf. I missed the first outing so I can't report on it but i can say that the second and third one were very enjoyable. The first outing I attended was held after school and we went straight to the spot as soon as school was finished. As i looked down at the swell I had butterflies in my stomach as I saw some beautiful waves rolling through. My excitment built as i was getting changed and I ran down towards the beach with by board. It had been at least 4 months since I had last surfed my shortboard and I was excited to get out and catch a few fun waves. There were 9 of us out there form the school as well as a few others making for a packed lineup by Donegal standards. I took out my JP 6'2 and in all honesty I can't say I surfed too well. This was part due to the fact I hadn't surfed my shortboard for 4 months and that my board was ever so slightly lacking in volume. I starting to realise I'm going to n eed to get a new surfboard. One that's a lot wider and has a lot more volume. A surfboard like that would allow me to progress a lot better. Apart from that I had an OK session with a few OK waves.

The next outing I surfed a lot better, not good, but at least better. This outing was held during school which meant that I got out of a few classes, which was great. We headed down do the same break again on a bus. This time both beginners and intermediate surfers from the school came. The swell was smaller and it was low tide but i still had an enjoyable session.The beginners had a lesson with Luke Daly from Adventure One Surf School. Sadly there was no stop in the shop on the way back to school but that was only a minor disadvantage.I'm hoping we can have another outing like this if there is another opportunity. There is a solid swell predicted to hit Ireland tomorrow but sadly the wind is predicted onshore so that's really ruined and chances of getting out this week with the surf club but this weekend the winds are looking favorable so I'm hoping I can get out myself and get a good session in.

The surf club is a great opportunity in my school and I encourage you to push for something similar in your own school if you have the opportunity. Thanks for reading this post and I hoped you enjoyed it.

Matthew Geever

Second Blog Post

Quik Pro France Reflections

As the Moche Ripcurl Pro has a lay day we look back to the amazing competition that went down in France. I said we were in for a hell of a competition and for once I was right. The swell was absolutely pumping for the first few days and we got to see the boys get out there and rip. There was some serious tubes rolling through in Hossegor and competitors took full advantage of this with some amazing barrels. It was amazing to see the likes of Mick Fanning getting pitted in some barrels that seemed un-makeable and then to seem them come shooting out with the spit. The French crowds were also amazing in Hossegor with competitors getting mobbed with kids as they came out of the water after their heats. They seemed to be attacked by outstretched hands holding sharpies and paper hoping that they might get a signature form their favourite surfer. I only wish I could have been there myself to see the surfing that went down.

We knew things would be serious when Julian Wilson threw down a 9.5 on a spectacular tube in round one. That was the first of many 9's in this competition. Julians surfing on this wave was impeccable and he got himself a really great tube. Things got even better when Mick fanning pulled into another spectacular tube scoring himself a near perfect 9.73. Heat 8 of round one was pure magic with two 9's dropping. A 9.93 for John John Florence and a 9.1 for Alejo Muniz. As I heard once before, John John is just so good they had to call him the same name twice and he certainly proved that in this heat. Florence pulled into a clean barrel and got some great cover up on the wave. Alejo pulled into a very similar wave and fought his way out of the barrel as it began to close out on him showing some great skill. The last but not the least of the 9's in Round 1 was scored by none other than Adrian Buchan as he scored a 9.5 on a really nice left hand barrel with a really nice carving manoeuvre after he got shot out of the tube.

There were a lot of other amazing waves as the contest progressed on but i would like to talk about Gabriel Medina's basically flawless performance in the competition. He really layed into this competition and unsurprisingly came out on top. He had a near perfect heat in round 4 five dropping a perfect 10 and two 9's. Yes you heard me right. He didn't even need ono of his 9 scores, he surfed that good. Medina pulled off the arguably the best air we have seen on tour. I wasn't sure if he was ever going to come back down to earth after he took off on that wave. If u didn't hate Gabriel enough after the air that was too perfect you will hate his claim after the wave. Then when we thought he couldn't get any better Medina sealed his place in the final with yet another perfect 10 against Adriano De Souza with a deep barrel and some powerful turns and snaps after the exit. Medina then faced Bede Durbidge in the final who had been surfing brilliantly thoughout the competition but this wasn't good enough against Med ina as Medina scored a 9 and an 8.5 putting Durbidge in a combo situation. Bede only scored two 4's in that heat as it seemed that Medina got the better of the waves.That wraps up my coverage of the of the Quik Pro France. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope you're looking forward to Portugal.

Matthew Geever

Medina Air

Gabriel Medina takes to the air in spectacular fashion in the Quik Pro France